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How to lose yourself vhs to dvd

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How to lose yourself VHS tapes to DVDs, Blu - Ray , CD ?

In this section , we will describe it in a few steps:

1 We'll need a computer that has the ability to burn CDs , DVDs or BLU - RAY
2 Software to burn and encode material into the appropriate format , usually MPEG - 2, but in a good software is the ability to record in a format that you can play back discs in a stationary player. To encode useful material pretty fast computer
3 Device to rip video from analog receivers so . Video Grabber , or Katra TV . Video Grabber most basic can be purchased at Allego in price from 40 PLN delivery , such as

I. EasyCap CAP
This is an external device that connects to the USB port of a minimum of version 2.0 , because the slower will be the problem of getting the full amount of frames when you rip the material. Has an input NTSC, PAL ( composite video jack , S-video ) and stereo audio RCA- RCA 2x . Supported resolutions: NTSC 720x480 - 30fps , PAL 720x576 - 25fps . The device version BOX drivers are supplied on CD . Free software to capture the image can be downloaded from the internet, eg VirtualDub
Advantages :
- Low cost of the device
- Easy to install (USB )
- Recommend to capture image from minitoringu
- A large number of fakes on the allegro
- Low quality of picture and sound
- No software
- Before buying this device should enlist opinion on various forums inncyh users who have not given up on the stretch

II. LENOVO MEDION product Concern MD 86364
The cost of the device about 49zł . During the tests, the accompanying controllers and oprograowaniu PowerDirector ( most of the features not available ) modified for the needs of the unit there was a problem with the message , Film copyrighted - recording prohibited . " Message pops up not once, sometimes just for example, after 25 minutes , sometimes after 40 etc. The lower the quality of the cartridge that the problem escalated . Though I tried to rip cassettes recorded private camera. searched the internet and unfortunately the problem with this device to everyone . Changing Software for Total Media 3.5 did not help , the message jumped , maybe some in a different form. Replacing the drivers also did not help . seller of Allego refers to the manufacturer Medion . After calling the hotline Medion , we learn that the device was not placed on the Polish market and therefore will not provide technical support. Additionally, I found out that five years ago was sold in German supermarkets ALDI and some of them had such a manufacturing defect and was withdrawn . How the device was placed on the Polish market ... no one knows . Due to this problem, I will not elaborate more about him . also observed that the image eg game console captures without this problem , probably the probelm lies in zakłuceniach that have VHS tapes and misinterpretation of the device.
Advantages :
- Low cost of the device
- Ease of installation
- The included software
- Check when capturing an image such as a game console at low resolutions
- Virtually no możlowości capture VHS VCR eg , video , etc.
- Poor image quality

III. Not Only TV USB Video Grabber LV5EDLX
    Video Grabber Reflecta
    Grabber Mac / PC LogiLink

These four devices (and probably there are many more) have the same video and audio konwenter detected in programs to capture as , OEM " . Usually included software is hoestech vhs to dvd 2.0 SE . Capturing the image of a simple program does not have any additional opportunities in addition to cutting the film. program splits video cassette files under 4 GB, presumably , teeth fit on a DVD . Unfortunately, software honestech even newer and full versions such as VHS to DVD 4.0 captures the image progressively , ie on the fly removes interlace. drawback of such solutions is a faint image on the TV, the image with the movements of the camera shakes and is not perfectly smooth . when it comes to watching movies on your PC , the new codecs such as K -lite calmly cope with the removal of interlaced and looks much better than the image captured progressively . After changing software, for example, PowerDirector image captures interlaced , but is erroneously written. Saves the image in interlaced mode Bottom fieled first a is a flag on the top fieled firt and unfortunately the picture is shaking . You could skip this problem using the software Unload Video Studio , but in these grabberach software does not recognize the sound card and can only capture the image. everything in VirtualDub can be manually set and the problems do not occur , but the image quality is poor.
Advantages :
- Low cost of the device

- Because of capturing in progressive mode urzązenie not suited to applications involving VHS
- Poor image quality
- I did not apply these devices even capture of video game consoles

IV. Video Capture Card TV Tuner for example, digital -to-analog Not Only TV Hybrid USB HDTV LV5HD
The cost of such a device is about 169zł . It captures interlaced , it looks pretty całekiem during image capture with digital TV . During capture, the sound was ripped VHS hardware and its quality improved compared to Easy Cap far , however, there was a problem with the appearance of a green screen , or instead of the momentary occurrence of the noise sound. This is because the device can not cope with the integration of sound and image . The better quality video player for example, a six -head this problem deepened . Therefore , in such advanced video devices are delays in the sound. It is possible to omit this problem, but had to rip apart the image and sound , which led to a doubling but the length of time the employed . After przedstawnieu problem producer received meile to translate it into Spanish and that was the end of my overstressing prescription for the problem .

Connect all chinch'amim or connector s-video ( VCRs , however, it rarely occurred connector ) is:
- Red and white are audio connectors
- Yellow is the video connector
The device , of course, hit the USB 2.0 port. Launch the appropriate software
for example, Nero Vision , Virtual Dub , Total Media or others.

I would definitely recommend the free and the best program VirtualDub , you can download it from the official site
- Go to the tab file , select Capture AVI
- Wybieray file again and set capture file (or select the file name and path to which our film is to be stored)
- Select the tab at the bottom of the device and see a list of the machine miedyz other external laptop camera , choose our capture device such as weak cup ( in this program may be called differently , eg OEM)
- In the video tab you can select preview , then you will see the image in the box przechwytywaniy
- Then the Video tab , select the option and select the compression codec . This is necessary because the image without compression takes a lot of space
- Good for initial compression codec is MJPG , you can also install the DIVX codec ( uncle google will tell where to find )
- Video tab also sets the image format and resolution set custom video format best rip cassette format in which they are recorded or VHS PAL 360 × 576 ( approximately)
or if the record has hit the desktop dvd player better use PAL 720 × 576 If the final image to be viewed on a TV is best to capture it interlaced , but when it has to be viewed on a computer better deinterlace and capture an image progressively .
- Audio tab also go to compresion option and set audio compression , this according to taste . The formations mpeg 256 kbit / s can get quite satisfactory results.
- Then press F5 , or capture and video capture
- After capturing an image can be freely cut in VirtualDub , apply a filter , etc

To improve sound and picture , we need to invest in better equipment . I have not tested all devices at up to 200 PLN allegro , but I would not recommend Video grabber integrated TV tuner . Can recommend the Terratec Grabster AV 450 MX is priced at around 450 PLN , after applying the equalizer TBC sound and picture quality ripped to your computer is already satisfactory. You can also use the S-Video cable to improve the quality of picture and sound , if such output exists in the video player.
Ripping analog material , but it is done in 1:1 mode , which takes the same as the length of the cartridge.
In a moment , we note that the sound while recording is tragic .
This is because the device Easy Cap for ripping audio system uses a microphone .
Image unfortunately it is not the highest quality , evidently lacking an external equalizer TBC , such as AVT- 8710
Sens use of regenerator TBC in the video you can see on next ! SOUND in the video NEXT IS ABSOLUTELY NO DEVICE EASY CAP
Advantages and disadvantages of self- ripping VHS tapes to DVDs :
Advantages :

- When you rip more cartridges can save you a few PLN
- The Order Video Grabber courier company can lose, all of the material without leaving home (of course, if you already have a working video player , computer etc.)

- Poor image quality
- Poor sound quality
- The high cost of a small amount of toner
- A lot of wasted time
- Numerous problems when you rip

In the case when we want to preserve family memories better not to worsen the already not the best quality material , because there is no secret that the quality of VHS tapes is not too high . The use of video grabbers only makes sense to capture images from video games.

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