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Dubbing vhs to dvd

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Dubbing vhs tapes onto DVD and BLU - RAY Wroclaw

without any additional hidden costs - the price includes disc and case
All questions will reply to you at the phone number +48 784-959-891
7 days a week from 9 to 21

Some reasons for which it has just from us should przegraś their commemorative recording:

We record only on professional DVDs. Movies are properly treated to fun to be watched .
  We archive material only to professional media from Sony or Verbatim .
  In order not to lose the quality of record for 180min on a single DVD , on request it is possible to fit 240min .
  The album BLU - RAY is possible to put up 500min movie without losing quality
  Create a boot menu so that you have quick access to the material chosen
  We are an honest company , recordings lasting example to 1hours and 5 minutes are still kasowene as one hour
  To rip cassettes we use only professional video recorders Sony
  Losing tapes to a DVD using professional equipment , including the equalizer TBC
  We focus on quality and comfort
  We record interlaced material , so that you keep the full amount of frames

We offer:

1 Losing cassettes (VHS , S -VHS , VIDEO8/HI8 , miniDV , VHS- C) digital media (CD , DVD, BLU - RAY, MEMORY Flasch , FLASHDRIVE ) at a price 9zł per hour . The price includes:

- Cutting the film , such as when the family film recorded another example of TV
- Basic correction image and sound quality
- Normalize audio to one level
- case

( In this option, such as losing one hour of VHS tapes to DVD costs 9 zł no extra cost)

2 Video editing can be a number of media (VHS , S -VHS , VIDEO8/HI8 , miniDV , VHS- C , Mini DVD, DVD , HDD ) in one unit. For the production of the film will need a precise description of scenes such as:

Cassette 1 scene: from 0:02:05 to 0:04:10
                       from 0:25:09 to 0:45:11
                       from 1:10:19 to 1:15:48

Cassette 2 scenes from 0:19:00 to 0:25:01
                       from 1:15:09 to 1:06:33

etc , the price of such installation is 9zł per hour rip media plus 5 € for the stage. The price includes:

- Normalize audio to one level
- Basic correction image and sound quality
- case

3 Aligning analog media to a digital format such as MPEG -2 , AVI Self-assembly is 9zł per hour. The price includes:

- Normalize audio to one level
- Basic correction image and sound quality
- case

4 Changing the system of recording:

- From NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC - $ 20 per hour
- Interlaced to progressive - $ 20 per hour
- Change the image resolution - $ 20 per hour
- Change the codec - $ 20 per hour

Door to Door - option without leaving home is possible in Wroclaw after a prior telephone contact (tel. 784-959-891 ), and appointment convenient time for pickup and delivery of tapes by the driver. The total cost of the service ( in two pages) :
- On orders over PLN 10 100 PLN
- $ 20 when ordering below 100 PLN

For customers outside of Wroclaw recommend shipping mail to the following address:

Digital - Video Services
ul. Olbrachtowska 48/18
54-063 Wroclaw

Reference finished CDs and cassettes by mail costs 10 PLN .

Why It To lose it on a DVD?

- Production of video players have already been completed
- Ease and speed of DVD duplication
- Comfort viewing, scrolling, storage
- Age of DVD does not affect the quality of the recording, but worth it once in 10 years to lose them to new carriers, probably Blu-ray
- Your videotapes are sometimes more than 20 years, which may result in loss of recording

Sound Quality:

Horizontal resolution video in VHS is 240 lines, and variation HQ - 250 lines. Cartridge Dimensions in mm 188 × 104 × 25, the recording time up to 300 minutes (there is a possibility of doubling and tripling of the loss of quality). Is produced or produced clean (unrecorded) cassette with a length of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 195, 240, 300 minutes. Also used other tapes of unusual length for the purposes of published movies.

The quality of the recordings on DVD is much better, however, had already been recorded VHS tapes in their resolutions can not be significantly improved. To further not lose compression can record 180 minutes movie on a DVD media

ul. Paczkowska 26
50-503 Wrocław
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